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The hio-eyepiece tray (1) is particularly suitable for wooden tripods from with deposit tray (2).

It can be connected to the frame bar (3), to each side of the deposit tray - without drilling and screwing!

The clamping distance of the connectors (4) can be perfectly match the thickness of the frame bar. Then the eyepiece holder sits "as if cast" on the frame bar and shows no tilting movements, even with all eyepieces in place.


Features of the hio eyepiece tray:
- it can be reversibly mounted on any side of the deposit tray
- the usable area of the deposit tray is preserved
- suitable for small (27cm) and large (37cm) deposit trays from
- ergonomic access to the sorted eyepieces
- available for 1.25" and 2" eyepieces
- it fits perfectly visually to wooden tripods
- patent-protected design

- made in Germany:  Multiplex plate with selected A/B quality top layers;  CNC-made;
                                  sealed with matt clear varnish; custom-made, matt black metal parts



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